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Cold, Heat & Compression

Therapeutic Benefits

ThermoTherapy is the use of cold or heat, enhanced by compression. To provide therapeutic relief, ThermoTherapy must cool soft tissue to a low of 45˚F, or warm it to no more than 105˚F.9

ThermoActive has added ThermoTherapy to orthopedic bracing, for injuries, rehabilitation or post-operative use. Each brace also includes compression, which encapsulates the soft tissue with uniform pressure for a more efficient treatment10.

Despite widespread clinical use for cold and heat therapy, evidence-based treatment protocols have never been established. Even so, the literature is full of clinical studies on the efficacy of cold, heat and compression, including everything from raw ice and frozen peas to ice machines, cold and intermittent compression, gel paks, wraps and bandages. The benefits of cold and heat may differ by application, which can be broken down as Static Cold, Cold and Compression; or Continuous Cold. With the application of ThermoTherapy, many of the Static Cold and Cold Compression studies apply directly to ThermoActive braces and are cited here.

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