In Every Brace

Physical Therapists

Physical therapists now have a versatile tool that delivers combined therapies of cold/heat and compression to their recovering patients. The ThermoActive line of orthopedic bracing features cold/heat in every brace and most come with adjustable compression.

ThermoActive bracing is an easy and effective way to apply uniform heat for warm-ups as well as cold to reduce inflammation and pain. In addition, the built-in compression enhances the effects of the ThermoTherapy treatment, while providing support.

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ThermoTherapy Products for Rehab

A great tool for physical therapists, ThemoTherapy products for rehab:

  • Promote movement and exercise
    ThermoTherapy can help speed recovery by helping to improve range of motion and facilitating an early return to mobility.7,9
  • Reduce the need for pain medications and NSAIDs,4,11,12
    As a natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic for pain relief,4,5 ThermoTherapy provides an alternative to reduce the consumption of pain medication. Plus, it doesn’t carry the risk of gastrointestinal bleeding associated with NSAIDs.

Benefits of ThermoTherapy:

  • Cold without the Cord
    ThermoActive braces provide cold without the cord or any other restrictions to mobility. Unlike cold machines, which have been shown to cause ice burn and frost bite, ThermoActive ensures gentler and slower cooling that dissipates with use.
  • Helps to restore range of motion8,9
    By improving range of motion and facilitating an early return to mobility,7,9ThermoTherapy orthorpedic braces address the problem of limited motion, which has been identified as a hospital acquired cause of re-admission.
  • Portable ThermoTherapy promotes mobility
    ThermoTherapy bracing is designed to promote mobility while providing cold, heat and compression.

The Therapeutic Role of Cold, Heat and Compression

  • Cold relieves inflammation and swelling,1-3 sprains, strains, muscle spasms and tears of muscles, ligaments & tendons. It also reduces edema1-3 and promotes healing.7,8
  • Heat improves range of motion,13-15 provides an analgesic effect for pain relief4,7,11,12 and relieves muscle spasms. It increases circulation to help remove debris and waste products, increases oxygen and nutrients to the area, which promotes healing, and increases cellular metabolism, capillary permeability and muscle & connective tissue extensibility to facilitate stretch.
  • Compression tailors ThermoTherapy to the individual for a uniform fit with patient control. It promotes alignment while providing the ThermoTherapy gel pak with superior joint or muscle contact.

Post arthroscopic or open shoulder surgery I apply the ThermoActive Shoulder Support. I like the fact that it is easy to fit over the post-operative dressing, confirms well to the patient’s body contour and can be used for either the left or right shoulders."
Dr. Lee Berger, M.D.
Orthopedic Surgeon