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About Us

Today’s healthcare environment demands that we achieve better outcomes while reducing costs. Providers are faced with changing reimbursement models that include non-payment for certain adverse events. Sports medicine physicians are seeing younger and older patients, involved longer in more extreme sports. To maintain our standard of care, we must all work together to find more cost effective ways to provide exemplary care.

By building ThermoTherapy into every brace, ThermoActive is providing Lcoded orthopedic braces with the flexible, added value of cryotherapy, heat therapy and compression. ThermoTherapy represents a range of therapeutic temperatures, from therapeutic cold to therapeutic warm. That temperature range is the root of the ThermoActive name.

Numerous clinical studies have shown these therapies to reduce pain, help resolve comorbidities, promote healing and reduce hospital stays.

Sports Medicine Physicians look to ThermoActive for a convenient, affordable solution of applying cold or warm therapy accentuated with compression and combined into a line of orthopedic braces.

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  • Wisconsin and Minnesota
  • Pennsylvania
  • Washington &/or Oregon

Contact Michael Banks at michaelb@thermoactive.com