In Every Brace


Every ThermoActive brace provides deep cold or heat therapy and most come with adjustable compression. Together, these time-proven treatments relieve pain4,5 and promote healing.4,7 And … it’s portable!.

The brace ensures stability and control while the removable cold/heat gel pak delivers therapeutic relief, whenever it’s needed. In addition, the ability to add compression allows the ThermoTherapy Gel Pak to contour precisely to the affected body part.

ThermoTherapy is convenient, proven & simple. The ThermoActive mobile therapeutic bracing system is ideal for injuries, rehabilitation and post-operative use and may potentially reduce both risks and costs.

Post-Op ThermoTherapy

  • Helps fight hospital acquired readmissions6,8,9,10
    Cold has been shown to reduce bleeding6, promote healing7, keep wounds cleaner6,10 and help fight other hospital acquired conditions.2,14,15
  • Reduces hospital length of stay4,7
    ThermoTherapy provides a way for outpatients to maintain the benefits of
    cold at home and speed recovery to reduce hospital length of stay.4,7
  • Alternative to pain medications and opioids4,5
    The analgesic properties of cold provide an alternative to costly pain medications and opioids, which are associated with delayed recovery and a delayed return to work.

ThermoTherapy for Injury

  • Reduces inflammation1-3
    ThermoTherapy is a natural anti-inflammatory that makes it easy to relieve strains, sprains and muscle tears and reduce inflammation and swelling.1-3
  • Ice for bleeding & edema1-3,6
    ThermoTherapy provides cold compression and can help to reduce bleeding6 ThermoActive ThermoTherapy bracing can be used as a portable, first response cold therapy treatment for trauma. Unlike cold machines, which have been shown to cause ice burn and frost bite, ThermoActive’s ThermoTherapy treatment ensures gentler and slower cooling that dissipates with use.
  • Reduces pain5
    A natural analgesic, ThermoTherapy provides effective pain relief and can help to reduce patients’ need for pain medication.2,3

ThermoTherapy for Sports Rehab

  • Improves range-of-motion8
    ThermoTherapy can help to improve range of motion to facilitate an early return to mobility,7,9 In clinical studies, continuous cold therapy achieved a 20.5% increase in range of motion over the control group by postoperative day 7.
  • An alternative to reduce pain medications4,11
    As a natural analgesic for pain relief,4,5 ThermoTherapy provides an alternative for patients wanting to reduce their consumption of pain medication.
  • An alternative to NSAIDs4,5,20,21
    ThermoTherapy offers pain relief while allowing patients to avoid the risk of gastrointestinal bleeding associated with NSAIDs

ThermoTherapy is perhaps the least expensive intervention for a number of common complications. As a result, it can save money as a therapy while extending the treatment of common comorbidities to a mobile outpatient and help prevent costly re-admissions.

"Now I can easily add cold post-operatively to reduce swelling and edema and help manage the pain while the brace provides the stability we need. My patients have accepted this brace better than any other brace we have utilized."
Dr. G. Peter Maiers II, MD
Orthopedic Surgeon
Indianapolis, IN