A Simple Path to

Cost Savings and Risk Reduction

Hospitals, Clinics & Material Management

ThermoTherapy is an inexpensive, time-tested post-surgical intervention, and ThermoActive has created a convenient way to apply it.

Every ThermoActive orthopedic brace ensures stability and control while delivering cold and heat for therapeutic relief. In addition, most braces come with adjustable compression which contours the therapy to the body affected part.

The potential cost savings and risk reduction make this simple approach worthy of consideration for any clinic.

ThermoTherapy Team Products

  • Cold can help fight bleeding, deep infection and other hospital
    acquired conditions2,14,15

    ThermoTherapy is a convenient way to apply cold compression, which has been shown to reduce bleeding6, promote healing7, and keep wounds cleaner.6,10
  • Cold can help to reduce patient dependence on pain medication2,3
    A natural analgesic and anti-flammatory, ThermoTherapy provides effective pain relief which can result in reducing the risk of patients becoming dependent on pain medication.2,3
  • ThermoActive gel paks reduce the risk and liability of cold therapy ice burns
    Unlike cold machines, which have been shown to cause ice burn and frost bite, our ThermoTherapy gel paks ensures gentler and slower cooling that dissipates with use.

Post-Surgical Cost Savings

  • A conscientiously applied program of using ThermoTherapy can help extend re-admission interventions6,8,9,10
    ThermoActive braces provide cold without the cord or any other restrictions to mobility. Unlike cold machines, which have been shown to cause ice burn and frost bite, ThermoActive’s ThermoTherapy bracing may reduce adverse post-surgical events like deep infections by providing an easy to use mobile method for outpatients to maintain the therapeutic benefits of cold at home.
  • ThermoTherapy can help speed recovery, reducing hospital length of
    By helping to improve range of motion and facilitating an early return to mobility,7,9 ThermoTherapy can speed recovery while also allowing patients to continue cold therapy at home.
  • ThermoTherapy can help to minimize the need for pain medications and opiods4,7
    The analgesic properties of cold provide an alternative to costly pain medications and opioids, which are associated with delayed recovery and return to work. It also allows patients to avoid the risk of gastrointestinal bleeding associated with NSAIDs.

ThermoTherapy is perhaps the least expensive intervention for a number of common complications. As a result, it can save money as a therapy while extending the treatment of common comorbidities to a mobile outpatient and help prevent costly re-admissions.

Bundling Opportunities

  • Consider the low cost ThermoTherapy Regimen as part of your Surgical Bundling Program
    A conscientiously applied program of ThermoTherapy may: reduce inflammation,1-3 reduce edema,1-3 help control pain,4,5 reduce the growth of bacteria,10 speed recovery7 and improve range of motion.8

"I worked with the designers at ThermoActive to ensure the brace has versatility and cold compression built in. The girdle is anatomically shaped and captures the pelvis nicely. It rides very low, which makes it more comfortable for the patient to move. The brace allows for flexion and extension and can be adjusted for abduction and adduction. We made it side specific and not universal. Patients are just too diverse for one size.”
Dr. G. Peter Maiers II, M.D.
Orthopedic Surgeon
Indianapolis, IN