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ThermoTherapy™ Relieves

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Reduces Swelling and Edema

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Injuries. Post-Surgical. Rehab.


Proven therapies to relieve
pain and promote healing.


Physical Therapists & Rehabilitation

Flexible, convenient
combined therapy


Sports Teams & Athletic Trainers

Convenient pre/post game
combined therapy


Hospitals, Clinics & Materials Management

A cost savings, risk reducing approach to combined therapy.


ThermoActive Provides ThermoTherapy


ThermoTherapy Products

For centuries, physicians have used both cold and heat to relieve pain, reduce swelling and edema and speed recovery. ThermoActive has developed a full line of Lcoded ThermoTherapy products for injuries, rehabilitation or post-operative use. Now it is easy to supplement the stability and control of bracing with the relief found in ThermoTherapy.

ThermoActive compression forces the cold or heat treatment to contour to the shape of the soft tissue to enhance the effect.

Our extensive product line consists of:

  • Knee Orthoses
    • ROM Knee System/Polycentric Knee System
  • Shoulder Orthosis
  • Back Orthoses
    • LSO High Back System/LSO Back System
  • Hip Orthosis System
  • Elbow Orthoses
    • Polycentric Elbow System/ROM Elbow System
  • Wrist Orthosis


ThermoTherapy in Every Brace

ThermoActive is a convenient, reimbursed bracing system with ThermoTherapy built-in. ThermoTherapy (cold and heat with compression) can improve outcomes and reduce cost.

Physiological Effects of Cold – Cold is a natural analgesic for pain relief.4,5 It relieves inflammation and swelling,1-3 sprains, strains, muscle spasms and tears of muscles, ligaments & tendons. it also reduces endema1-3 and promotes healing.4

Physiological Effects of Heat14 – Heat improves range of motion,7-9 provides an analgesic effect for pain relief4,5 and relieves muscle spasms. It increases circulation to help remove debris and waste products, and drive oxygen and nutrients to the affected area which promotes healing, cellular metabolism, capillary permeability and muscle & connective tissue extensibility to facilitate stretch.

Compression tailors ThermoTherapy to the individual for a uniform fit with patient control . It promotes alignment while providing 360° joint or muscle contact.

ThermoTherapy Bracing for Physicians

Every ThermoActive brace provides cold and heat with adjustable compression. These time proven therapies relieve pain4,5 and promote healing.4,7 The brace provides stability and control while cold and heat deliver therapeutic relief. In addition, compression contours the therapy to the body part. Convenient, Proven & Simple.

Post-Op ThermoTherapy may fight hospital acquired readmissions,6,8-10 reduce hospital length of stay,4,7 and provides an alternative to minimize pain medications and opioids.4,5

ThermoTherapy for Injury can reduce inflammation1-3 and pain4,5 and may be used to ice for bleeding & edema.1,3,6

ThermoTherapy for Sports Rehab offers an alternative to pain medications11 and NSAIDs11,12 that improves range-of-motion8.

ThermoTherapy for
Physical Therapists & Rehabilitation

ThermoActive provides physical therapists with a flexible tool for combined therapy. It makes it easy to apply uniform heat for warm-ups and cold to reduce inflammation and pain. ThermoActive features built-in compression to enhances the effect. Ask about the ThermoActive Retail Program for Clinics.

ThermoTherapy Products for Sports Rehab are an alternative to pain medications and NSAIDs11,12 and promote movement & exercise.

The Therapeutic Role of Cold, Heat and Compression is provided by ThermoTherapy. It is portable to promote mobility, applies cold without the cord and can help to improve range-of-motion8,9

ThermoTherapy for
Sports Teams & Athletic Trainers

Athletic Trainers now have a flexible tool for combined therapy. The ThermoActive orthopedic line has built-in heat/cold and most come with compression in each brace. It makes it easy to apply cold to help reduce inflammation1,3 and pain5 and heat for warm-ups or rehab. Built-in compression enhances the effect while providing support. Now teams can conveniently ice on the sidelines and after the game…right on the bus. For heat, simply warm the Polygel pack in the microwave. ThermoActive provides support plus cold, heat and compression.

ThermoTherapy Team Products help reduce pain medications and NSAIDs 11,12 and promote movement & exercise.

The Therapeutic Role of Cold, Heat and Compression is provided by ThermoTherapy. It is portable to promote mobility, applies cold without the cord and can help to improve range-of-motion9

ThermoTherapy Cost Savings for
Hospitals, Clinics & Materials Management

ThermoTherapy is an inexpensive, time-tested post-surgical intervention

ThermoActive has created a convenient way to apply it. It is orthopedic bracing with built-in cold, heat and compression. The potential cost savings and risk reduction make this simple approach worthy of consideration for any clinic.

Reducing Post-Surgical Risk – Cold can help fight hospital acquired conditions like bleeding6 and deep infection10 while reducing patient dependence on pain medication.4 ThermoActive coldpacks help avoid the risk and liability of continuous cold therapy ice burns.

Post-Surgical Cost Savings – A conscientiously applied program of ThermoTherapy can help extend re-admission interventions.6,10 ThermoTherapy can help reduce hospital length of stay7 and minimize pain medications and opioids.11

There are also Bundling Opportunities for Total Joint Replacement and Back and Spine Programs.

Physicians on ThermoTherapy